Let's Get Drunk and Sing Old Irish Folk Songs

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I mentioned The Postcards project earlier. I actually penned this whole thing by my lonesome after a rather long night at Purdue...but I knew, it was all Postcards. Rick and I worked out the harmonies and put it on our only album, Para Postale.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, any day is fine

Whenever you find your boredom, take this advice of mine

Let’s get drunk and sing old Irish folk songs

Let’s get drunk, hey any old song will do

Can you remember any old Irish folk songs?

If you can’t, I’ll write a new one for you:

A young fair lass went riding across the sea of blue

And when she saw the shoreline, she came right back to chew

On a big piece of lechtin promise on a dish made from a bone

And after all her travels, she made her way back home

So let’s get tanked and sing old Irish folk songs

Get all lit up, hey any old song will do

Don’t remember your name, let alone an Irish folk song

So I guess I’ll have to have another brew

Let’s all be drunk and old folk Irish sing songs

Drunk be all, hey sing song any we old

What’s the point in this old Irish folk song?

I don’t know, but I’ll have another beer with you

What an excuse?

I don’t know, but I’ll have another beer with you

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