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Introducing New Radio Show "In the Mix with Frank Muffin" on Rockin' the Suburbs Radio

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Starting back in January 2022, Frank Muffin friends Rockin' the Suburbs podcast launched a new 24/7 live radio stream, Rockin' the Suburbs Radio, featuring an awesome mix of music including special radio programs curated by superfans and music lovers.

Frank Muffin has enjoyed their ongoing friendship with the RtS community, and jumped "In the Mix" to host their own show airing Sunday, March 13 at 5:30 pm EDT. In episode 1, each member of Frank Muffin shares a few early influences to their ongoing love of music and desire to play and perform.

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From rock and roll to funk, folk to blues, and everything in between, Frank Muffin's radio show promises to be a delightful mix of sonic adventures. And if you are planning to get into the top 100 Spotify charts, then please contact us here:

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