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Rockin' the DC Burbs

During the 2020 pandemic shut-downs, hosts and friends for the Rockin' the Suburbs podcast decided to occupy their Friday nights (no longer able to hang at music venues) online with one another for a virtual open mic, dubbed the "Friday Night Hootenanny". Sometime early in this gathering of fans, members of Frank Muffin were invited to join and had an awesome time sharing some music with the group. They were so well received, one of the fans bought the Forest for the Trees vinyl before Hans & Brittany finished performing their first song!

Over the following weeks, these Friday night meet-ups turned this group of two dozen plus into a tight family of music fans who shared laughter, frustrations, love, and loss with one another. It's hard to explain to others, but these strangers from all over the world are now BFFs for the simple reason that they have a shared passion for music, and connected more diligently than most social clubs.

For October 2021, the Rockin' the Suburbs hosts and fan club organized Suburbs Podfest to hold a meet & greet, in-person open mic Hootenanny, and concerts in their home area of the DC suburbs! Frank Muffin is honored to be invited as the headlining performance to close out the Sunday night festivities at Ned Devine's in Herndon, VA, as well as a short set on Saturday evening in Silver Springs, MD.

Frank Muffin has typically been a hobby for members, as they have full-time jobs in their hometown of Lafayette, IN. Opportunities like this give the Muffins a taste of a different way of life. What will this little tour bring in the future? We'll keep you posted. Don't touch that dial.

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