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With roots in classical, contemporary, and alternative rock music, Frank Muffin and their versatile alt‑rock sound has been building a buzz around Lafayette since they formed in 2011. ​Though initially intended as a onetime acoustic trio, their harmonies stirred up fans who requested more and the Muffins obliged. A few performances later, Frank Muffin introduced a drummer into their batch to expand to outdoor venues and larger events.

Often praised for their diverse catalog, Frank Muffin considers themselves the “we’ll try anything” band of Lafayette. The fusion of musical interests among the members creates a unique collection of songs and styles for all to enjoy.​

Frank Muffin has always felt like a family, with an important bond of love and friendship playing into their stage performance, the blend of their voices, and working together to create music they can all be proud of and excited to perform.




Originally a drummer in his high-school band, Hans turned to guitar as he developed into songwriting and singing. With hundreds of songwriting credits to his name, his style has seen many evolutions through punk, alternative rock, ballads, and blues.

Hans brings over 30 years of songwriting and guitar experience to Frank Muffin. He also adds elements on mandolin, banjo, and piano, as well as supplying layered harmonies and most of the lead vocals.




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Brittany Rees



Originally a student of piano and flute, Brittany made the switch to guitar and bass in high-school, with the sole desire to play a "cool" instrument. The classical training coupled with her love of performance bring an important flavor to the batch.


Though she still enjoys playing the flute (and uses it for some Muffin songs!), her primary instrument is now the bass, both electric and upright. From the inception of Frank Muffin, Brittany's vocal harmonies have been part of the signature Muffin sound.




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Brad Drumming.jpg


Frank Muffin has some very important other members who were and will always be part of our band family. We still hold their legacy and contributions to our band with the highest respect and fond memories.

  • Seth Pencek: Founding member, acoustic guitar, vocals

  • Dusty Manns: Drummer, beat-boxing (spicy!)

  • Emily Larimer: Drummer, vocals, recorded our first album "Forest for the Trees"

  • Joe Heeb: Drummer, vocals, recorded 2020 project "Year of the Muffin"

  • Jerome Hemersbach: Lead guitar, vocals, keyboards, and more. Jerome solidified the presence and legacy of Frank Muffin with us from 2011 to 2022.

On special occasions, we have also had the privilege to have Brad Harner, Joe Grimes, and Seamus Lavignette fill in for some performances. We are forever grateful for their patience, friendship, and music.

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