Sky Blue Water

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The basic idea here came from growing up around Lake Michigan. It’s beautiful and calming, but can’t be trusted. Blue waters can turn on you, in the blink of an eye.

Everyone knows her—and everybody wants to be her friend

If I could show her—how I feel it’d still depend

‘Cus I know—that all good things come to an end

Then again—it’s different messages we’ll send

If you see her—please tell her that I’m waiting here

You can’t leave her—without shedding at least a tear

And if so—then you’ve got a problem I fear

Then again—I’ll still be glad that you’re here

Wrapped in self-disgust

Lies, booze, deceit, and lust

The truth, though, if you must

It’s not important

Behind a shell of lies

Your knee-jerk worst disguise

Can’t see what is inside

It’s just a guess

And you come to me like a long, lost love you haven’t seen for days

But my memory is of sky blue water

And you speak to me, in that tone of voice—”call me anytime”

But it seems to me, you’re sky blue water

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