Got Good Reason

Updated: Sep 2

An early song I wrote for my band, Horse Latitudes. So much energy, with so little intent.

You’ll never see it coming’, no you’ll never see it coming’

See it coming’, never see it coming’ ‘til it hits you right in the face

The views are condescending, and this trip is never ending

And my shirt is needing mending, will this letter that I’m sending replace

I’ve got good reason—to believe

Standing in the corner, like a poor inflicted mourner

Like a poor inflicted mourner who will never, never, never let go

And I’ll dream a little dream, and I’ll scream it while I’m scheming But the spotlight’s always gleaming so it’s time to get on with the show

I’ve got good reason—to believe

That I’ll waste my time—on rhythm and rhyme

‘Cus I know that I can beat—mediocrity

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