Begin to Fade

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Not a real story here. Just a blues riff and a handful of words. It was a little shorter than I wanted and I wasn’t sure where I was heading, so I just repeated all the verses in one, two-part harmony mega-verse.

Just a twist of circumstance

And everyone deserves a chance

To live the life they want to live

And do you have it your heart to—forgive

Staring at the wall it seems

That I have thrown away my dreams

But I’m not sure, I can’t recall

I put my back against the wall—again

I can’t see—as my memory—begins to fade

If you read between the lines

You’d be surprised what you may find

They say the truth is always there

But I’m so jaded I don’t even—even care

Everybody wants to be

The center of attention

All the things they’re scared to mention

Seem to gather up and smack them in the face

I can’t see—as my memory—begins to fade

Begins to fade

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